Castle Hill at Dusk

I work in Newport on weekends, something else for me to do and keep my own photography going!  And after work one day, I decided not to jump back on the bridge and head over to the mainland, but to hang around Newport for a change and watch the sun set.  So I took the scenic route along Ocean Drive and went to Castle Hill Light.  I was lucky it wasn't the warmest of days and there weren't any major sailing events going on so no spectators hanging around the rocks.  I had it all to myself.  I camped out and took some shots as the sun started to set, lending me it's soft golden light.  There was no spectacularly vibrant or neon pink sunset that day, as there often will be in the summer.  The clouds were sparse and the water was calm.  Sunset was a drama-free event and twilight was quiet with colors of baby blue and soft pink.  As the sun fell lower and lower behind the horizon and out of sight, the temperature quickly began to drop.  I finished up my last shots, took a deep breath of that salty and crisp ocean breeze, and finally made my way over the bridge back to the mainland.
How I got these shots:  Nikon D80, Nikkor 16-35mm lens.

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