Cold High School Start: NK v PAbbey v Williams

It's been a slow start to the high school sailing season this year.  The North Kingstown team was delayed a few weeks from ice covering the harbor.  As things began to thaw it looked like warm weather had arrived, but soon enough it was back to cold gray wintery conditions.

About a month into the season I finally got on the water to join the team!  It was a 3-way regatta against Portsmouth Abbey and the Williams School with a building 12 knot breeze, gusts and overcast skies.  Temperatures continued to drop as racing progressed, and I was very glad I had my winter hat and gloves with me.

The Abbey was up first and dominated in a 3-0 win against NK and then a 3-0 win against Williams.  The North Kingstown JV team sailed against Williams, showing new talent and promise with freshmen skippers winning another 3-0.  Despite the chilly conditions and quick 3-0 racing, competition was friendly.

Needless to say I'm glad my next visits with the high school teams were in much warmer conditions!  Last Friday there was a "Friday Night Lights" JV regatta in Newport and Sunday had a 3-way regatta out of Ida Lewis for the varsity teams.  Photos to be posted shortly!

For the photos from this regatta between NK - Portsmouth Abbey - Williams see the Event Viewing Gallery here.

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