Cruise to Cuttyhunk

The first weekend of August the Wickford Yacht Club takes a cruise.  All the club members get together with their boats, sail or power, and visit various ports of call along the southern New England Coast.  Typically, the first stop is Cuttyhunk Island just east of Narragansett Bay.  It's the first island you reach as you hang a left past Newport, and a tiny one in the Elizabeth Island chain which includes Martha's Vineyard.  I could only make it for part of the cruise this year, which would be turning back up Narragansett Bay.  So I decided to take the first couple of days of the cruise to enjoy Cuttyhunk, and depart the venture at the second port of call, Westport. 

It was a great couple of days on the mooring in remote and picturesque Cuttyhunk Harbor.  I got some great shots while hanging out on the boat at dusk, watching other cruisers playing in the water, and even more while wandering the rock and sand beaches.  

The full gallery can be seen here combined with other shots from cruises past!  Enjoy!

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