Happy New Year!! Welcome 2019

Happy New Year!!  Last year was quite a whirlwind of new adventures, and I think it might have just been my best year yet!  I can't wait to see what 2019 has in store, but first a look back at my Top 9 Instagram shots from last year.

First up is the low altitude beach Aerials that everyone seems to have enjoyed!  I often will get so caught up in shooting direct overhead "birds eye view" type shots I forget there's all sorts of other compositions that aerial drone photography can offer.  You all seem to have enjoyed these photos thoroughly, and they are all actually sunrise shots too!

Next up are a bunch of favorites from wave hunting and late summer surf.  My favorite action shot from Nova Scotia made the cut too, along with some of the biggest wave shots I captured for the entire year!  

The central photo is a Cate Brown Photo classic, "Soft Water", and was my first successful execution of abstracting water for seascape photography.  This photo is actually hanging in my bedroom, and continues to be a fan favorite year after year.

And the only sailing photo to make the cut this year -- which is great since I really didn't post a whole lot of sailing photos this summer -- is one of my favorites from the J Class World Championship in Newport last summer titled "Lionheart Upwind".  It might have been a repost but I'm certainly not complaining!

This past year my client list grew with great new adventures with Hinckley, I explored more coastlines in search of waves with surf friends, and travelled to more places in one calendar year than I can remember!  Between Guadeloupe, Ireland, and Nova Scotia, to adventures in the states from Maine, to Edgartown, and Sheboygan, it was a year for the history books.  

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Happy New Year everyone!  No matter where we come from or where we are going, be sure to enjoy the adventure :) Onward to 2019!  What shall we explore next?


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