Holga Seascapes & Beach

I've had some film sitting in my camera that I keep with me in the car.  It took a while for me to finish a roll.  The finished roll would sit on my desk but one roll wouldn't be worth shipping out to my developer.  It took me a while to finish at least 2 rolls to ship out.  The developer is so great, and they returned the film within a week and a half from the day I shipped it.  But then the America's Cup and Tall Ships came to town and my days were spent shooting!  It took me a while to scan the film.  The film looked wonderful and I'm starting to get the hang of my Holga.  The files got little attention after I scanned them and just sat in my computer.  It took me a while to find time to really take a hard look at my "newly" shot film.  But they finally got a critical eye and some loving editing attention.  And here they are!

These few frames came off a roll of film I shot a few mornings in Matunuck back in May.  A couple of seascapes, a piece of driftwood, and some sandy dunes covered in beach grass.  I hope you enjoy this film as much as I have!  I only plan on using my Holga more!

Limited Edition Fine Art has been put in a specially segregated gallery on my website.  They are not purchasable online, to preserve the integrity of the edition.  For any inquiries, please contact me directly about current edition availability and printing options!
How I got these shots:  Holga 120N

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