Moonstone Beach Holgas

I haven't been out shooting much lately, but the little bit of shooting I have been managing has been with my Holga and some black and white film.  I've already shared some images from Matunuck, but I've been visiting the various beaches along the southern shore of Rhode Island.  We started at Matunuck, and next is Moonstone (as you travel down Route 1 South).  I've visited Green Hill and the Breachway as well, and plan on revisiting these other locations with my camera.  I also figured out my camera issue!  Turns out the switch on the bottom of my Holga to change between normal and bulb exposures is rather sensitive, and I had accidentally switched to bulb exposures on my last two rolls.  Luckily, the problem has been resolved!  And this roll of exposures came out just fine.  I will be sure to double check that setting before every exposure from here on out.  Here's a couple of shots from Moonstone beach, with more from Matunuck and other southern RI beaches to come!

Also, for any local readers and followers, there will be an opening at Junction Trattoria & Bistro of North Kingstown tomorrow night from 7-9pm featuring coastal photography from myself and long time friend Cindy Wilson.  Free appetizers and drinks during the opening!  Be sure to check it out!  Junction Trattoria is part of the small plaza in Wickford Junction across from Staples and the new train station, the last plaza on the roundabout.  You can find out more event details at the facebook event page here:

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