More Winter Surf - February Swell

Surf in Rhode Island doesn't kick up often, but in the winter months... when it does... it's usually BIG!  This February was no exception as we experienced snow after snow, then an arctic blast below freezing immediately followed by 50° temperatures.  The waves came roaring in just after the chill and the ocean put on quite the show.  For those lucky enough to have the day off work (or perhaps call in sick) and brave enough to jump headfirst into our winter waters, it turned out to be one of the biggest surf sessions of the season.

I was having more fun photographing the water and waves than the surfing!

If only I had a wetsuit thick enough to tackle the winter waters I might be able to get in the middle of the action... Well, I guess the first step is to have the proper motivation to go swimming in below freezing temperatures.  Perhaps I'll start shooting surf from the water in the summer months...

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