New Work: Creative Close-ups of Prospect Flowers

 Spent some time just shooting for myself this summer.  Spent two rolls of film just shooting flowers and other things around the yard between my house and my neighbors'!  Finally got around to editing some of it and here's the result.  The film was cross-processed, E-6 to C-41.  I've been enjoying experimenting with cross-processing film this year, and have definitely been happy as well as disappointed with some results.  For those of you who don't know, cross-processing is developing a roll of color film in the opposite film chemistry it's intended for, i.e.  developing slide film (E-6) in color negative chemistry (C-41).  It can result in a lot of cool color shifts and contrasty images but is highly unpredictable.  Either way, here's some of the images I ended up with, enjoy!

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