New Year, New Waves

I've been rather caught up with shooting in the water recently.  Swimming can be rather addicting, but it's not the only way to photograph the ocean.  For years I was forced to find multiple ways to photograph waves from land before I braved the waters with a water housing.  

This New Years there were some waves, and while they weren't epic or gigantic or crowded lineups, they were still beautiful to photograph.  I decided to go back to my roots in seascape photography and do some water panning, working with a telephoto lens and some filters, to create that beautiful motion blur as the waves approach the beach.  I took about 700 frames but I would only consider a couple of them successful shots.  That's the gamble though, and that's the struggle any photographer who works with motion blurs will understand!

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Cate Brown Fine Art Ocean Photography Water Waves Pano

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