Olympic Campaign with Perfect Vision Sailing

Early in July, I took the opportunity to collaborate with the very talented women, Nikki Barnes and Lara Dallman-Weiss, of Perfect Vision Sailing for a romp around Newport Harbor.  Nikki was a classmate of my brother's at the Coast Guard Academy, and now as a commissioned officer with the support of the USCG behind her, has found a teammate in Lara as they campaign for gold in 470 sailing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!  

Newport will be their home base as they train for the next two years and compete in class events to hone their skills.  Between the two of them they already have an impressive resume of sailing wins, and Olympic Gold would be the pinnacle of their sailing careers.

We photographed on a somewhat overcast day.  As I motored over from Wickford the wind was looking strong with a southerly seabreeze, but as I met with the ladies in Newport around 2pm it was starting to taper off to a steady 10 knots.  We played around with the chase boat for a little while before I anchored and hopped in the water for some water shots. For two sailors who had only met a couple months ago, they were already looking like a pair who had been sailing together for years.  It will be so exciting to watch their campaign progress over the next few seasons!

To support Nikki and Lara in their efforts, visit the Donate page of Perfect Vision Sailing

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