Seawall at Seventy

So there was this day when it hit 70 degrees and sunny in the middle of April.  I hope everyone got outside that day because it was absolutely gorgeous out and melted away every single memory of the winter blues!  I headed straight for the beach in the afternoon and of course I brought my camera with me.  It wasn't going to be a typical beach day but a photoshoot day, and I located myself amongst rocks instead of sand.  There is an outcropping of rocks near the seawall on Ocean Road in Narragansett that I had never really explored before.  The tide was its high point so I knew I wouldn't get stranded on the rocks, and decided to climb over and see if there was anything that piqued my interest photographically.  

There were some old pillons set in the rocks, perhaps 4 or 5 pairs lined up, which I can only imagine was part of the Narragansett Pier and boardwalk at the turn of the century.  (For some more background, read my previous Old Narragansett Pier blog post.)  I couldn't get the angle I wanted though, the rocks were uninviting and the tide was just a tad too high.  I couldn't get close enough and I couldn't get the angle I wanted, so I turned the other way and looked along the seawall instead.  

Now, this was getting interesting!  I'm pretty sure most people do not see the seawall from this angle, and I was intrigued by the architectural subject matter that still looked at home against the rocks.  The sun was setting and gave me just a bit of color in the clouds, making for some nice pinks.  

The second image is my boyfriend who decided to climb out of the water right as I was taking a long exposure.  I kind of like it though!  I'll call it "Essence of a Surfer".  Images available for purchase at

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