Warm Getaways

I had been eagerly awaiting this winter season.  Here in New England, the winter months can be rather frigid, but for those of us who don’t mind the exhaustive work of climbing into 6 mil wetsuits or ice-cream-headache cold waters, it’s the eagerly anticipated winter months that bring the biggest swells.  We had snow before the New Year and water temps quickly started approaching 40°F.  But in typical fashion, as soon as the long awaited winter months arrived, I was craving a break from the cold gray in favor of a warm water reprieve.

 Hawaii was calling.

 In a quick turn of events, an invite from friends, an open calendar, I took the opportunity to venture to Oahu for my first exploration of the North Shore.  While this trip would be rather short, just 5 nights in Haleiwa, it was just the kind of break I needed to help get me through the rest of the winter cold of that would most assuredly continue through March.

 We arrived just in time for the Volcolm Pipe Pro and a pumping Hawaiian winter.  While the currents ripped and an awe-inspiring Pipeline barreled day after day, I didn’t mind watching the spectacle from the beach and saving my few opportune swims for smaller days and logging sessions with friends.  After all, this was primarily a trip for some rest and relaxation.  And I didn’t mind it one bit.

I love shooting waves, but sometimes it’s a relief to just play tourist.


Cate Brown Surf Photography Hawaii
Cate Brown Surf Photography HawaiiCate Brown Surf Photography Hawaii
Cate Brown Surf Photography Hawaii
Cate Brown Surf Photography Hawaii


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