Beavertail Seascape

With all this talk about the Supermoon in late June, I thought I would take the opportunity to break from the sailing photography and shoot a seascape.  I hadn't been out to shoot a seascape in over a month and it was time to go somewhere quiet and soak in the scene!  

I decided to head over to Beavertail which I had been sorely neglecting, and catch the rising moon as the sun set behind me.  I did not include the lighthouse but instead climbed down the rocks as the tide was going out, providing me with a safe opportunity to get close to the water's edge.  

It was two nights before the true Supermoon so I know the moon would be near full but not necessarily huge.  I simply used it as an element in the seascape and hopefully you can pick it out!  

Below are two shots from the evening, which can be ordered as Fine Art prints through my website,  Enjoy!

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