Boat Interiors - A Break from the Norm

"It's not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails, that's what a ship needs but what a ship is... what a ship really is... is freedom." –Jack Sparrow

And for many people, the amenities a boat has to offer equates to greater freedoms to explore ocean waters far away from home and land.  There can be so much comfort down below decks that you barely notice you're on a boat, and my photography recently brought me to some beautifully outfitted MJM powerboats as I photographed soft products for a client.  It was a break from my typical seascapes and regattas but still presented it's own unique set of photography challenges.

The space was cramped but that's to be expected when working down below.  It was noisy and crowded but we made use of every precious minute aboard.  We were shooting alongside fit & finish crews as they painted, varnished, screwed and adjusted various elements of these boats as they were being made ready for delivery and winter trips to warmer climates.  It was a hectic few days of driving to multiple locations, rearranging rooms for our purposes as the fit & finish crew worked on their projects, but we got it done and the resulting imagery was beautiful!  It wasn't my first time shooting boat interiors, but I was very happy with what we accomplished for the client's needs.  

Not every photographer works with boats, and not every photographer who works with boats works with the interiors, so I'm very glad to be able to offer a skill set that can accomplish just about any needs a marine industry client has with regard to photography.

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