Dusky Abstracts

It can be hard to give new life to an ongoing project.  You might put it on the back burner and forget about it for a while... or it might become so routine you aren't inspired anymore.  With my abstract seascape series I find myself going out at similar times of day, with similar weather conditions, and coming back with similar shots.  It can be difficult to put a new twist on a body of work.  You want a series of images to relate to each other, to go together, but if they're all too similar then the lack of variety can feel stale and unoriginal.

But at the same time, I enjoy revisiting the same photo locations and forcing myself to produce new work from a familiar environment.  Narragansett Beach is one such location, and with a cloudless sky and otherwise unoriginal sunset, I was determined to produce something a little different.

I shot across the edge of the beach instead of straight out to sea.  I played with my shutter speeds and watched the color go more golden instead of pink.  While the difference between this set and other abstracts may be subtle, each of these three frames offers something just a little different than the other.  I was very pleased with this first shot in particular.  The lines were different, the energy was more engaging and less passive, and I walked away feeling inspired by my work for the first time in a while.  

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