Green Hill Beach

It was a crisp winter day, one of those days that feel warm when you face the sun, making the weather quite tolerable.  The surf was up so it was time to head to the southern coast to see what my camera might capture.  It was a slightly overcast day with little to no breeze.  The air didn't bite my fingers off while I went glove-less screwing filters onto my lens.  

This was my first trip down to the southern coast after Hurricane Sandy, and the beach club for Green Hill stood teetering on its ruins.  Bare cement pillars supporting the upper floors, exposed insulation and wreckage, a toilet sitting in a corner that I'm assuming was once installed in the first floor/basement.  

But I turned to look out towards the water instead, where the sun was warm.   I took several shots that afternoon as the sun was setting, finding some rocks that reflected green light from the sun and the clear winter waters.  It was a successful shoot, and as usual I returned to the car with my feet, socks, shoes and pants wet up to my shins.  No matter how calm the water looks and whether the tide is coming in or out, there's always one set of waves that manages to wash up and surprise me!

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