Hunting Waves on Cape Cod

It's been a bit of a dreary spring thus far weather-wise.  But when big east coast swell popped up in the forecast last week, I made the journey with a few friends to Cape Cod to hunt for waves.  After a morning of searching for the ideal sand bar, we lucked out with some heavy barrels crashing on the beach all morning.  A stiff breeze kept the waves clean, but prevented me from doing any droning.  Sitting at the bottom of the dunes I was blocked from the wind, and as the sun came out it was actually starting to feel like winter was over!  

The sets were coming in big and barreling.  Everyone caught at least one big hollow one for the first session.  The waves were beginning to diminish in size by the afternoon, and especially into the next day, but that didn't stop the guys from suiting up and catching a few more fun ones for a second and third session.

It was my first shoot with the Nikon D850, and I was already impressed with it's performance!  After coming home and dumping pounds of sand out of my boots, I was able to experience the incredible dynamic range during post-processing.  Just about all of my presets had to be reworked for the new camera sensor, with the flexibility to make bigger adjustments without an over-processed look, in the end providing more wiggle room for fine tuning.  (A more detailed review about my first impressions of the D850 in the works.)

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