Moonrise Abstracts

The summer started off in a whirlwind of sailing and art festivals, but one evening in particular I made time to visit the beach and watch for moonrise.  I ended up at Hazard Rock in Narragansett, and without any preconceived notion of what to shoot I began setting up my tripod for some long exposures.  I couldn't find any composition among the rocky shoreline that enthralled me, and opted to climb the steep rock face to the top of the bluff to watch moonrise over an empty horizon instead.  

I put on my B+W #110 filter and setup my tripod but before I started shooting I switched to my 50mm lens instead of the wider 16-35mm zoom.  It was all an experiment with no required outcome, so the pressure to produce was off and I just played around with my abstracts.  I incorporated the moon and I left it out of the frame, I followed the waves and utilized the dark shoreline... all in the name of photographic exploration.  

Back at the computer I found the slight variations in some of these frames to complement one another rather than compete, and decided to edited a pair of diptychs instead of fighting myself over one final variation of each.  Each set could be presented as a soothing pair or stand alone competently if need be.  What are your thoughts?

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