Moostone Despair

Another forgotten beach:  Moonstone.  It's situated between Matunuck and Green Hill along the southern coat of Rhode Island.  It isn't as populated or developed as many of those other beaches because it's surrounded by Trustom Pond Wildlife Refuge and Card's Pond to either side.  The beach is littered with stones of all shapes and sizes and most of the dunes are protected as part of the wildlife refuge or for restoration purposes.  It has one building perched right atop the dunes and I have no idea what that facility is used for, but it sure took a beating during the Hurricane.  There are old pieces of wood jutting out of places where parts of this one building used to be and as you walk along you'll find all sorts of jetsam that's washed ashore:  an old radio, a ski glove, a shoe, several large rusted pieces of metal... It's a rather sad sight.  And of course the dune vegetation is bare and scraggly, showing all the signs of a cold and bleak winter.  

I hadn't been to Moonstone Beach in over a year but the swell was big and despite a storm front moving in and a high tide, I took the gamble and drove down with plenty of time before sunset.  The sky was becoming ominous and dark by the minute and after much walking around I set up for an exposure.  I wasn't happy with my composition at all but the light was fading quickly, the clouds were moving in fast and the brilliant shades of pink erupting along the horizon would soon be obscured.  I had to think fast.  I ran down the dirt road where I spotted a lonely dead dune bush half covered in sand.  It seemed to just emanate forgotteness.  This lonely bush was silhouetted against the sky and I set up within minutes to capture this frame as the light faded and the clouds moved in.  I was able to capture the scene and the feeling of a forgotten beach sitting in the cold, with just a few rays of hope glistening in the distance.  It was worth the trip.  

I don't know how many times I've said it, but I just need to get out shooting more!

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