NEISA Womens Champs

The NEISA Women's Championship Reed Trophy:  a regional college sailing event to find the best fleet racing women's team in the Northeast.  Hosted at the Coast Guard Academy in New London this May, 17 teams competed in a two day event on the unpredictable river and I was lucky to get out on the water for some fierce female competition.

Day one saw windy conditions with a rather consistent northerly coming right down the river.  A Divison was in FJs and the girls were putting on a terrific show!  But day two was more flukey and with a ripping current the playing field took some sailing strategy.  A southerly started to fill in the afternoon but the racing was able to finish out a 34th race (17 per fleet).

Yale came out on top, finishing first since race 7B.  Great job Bulldogs!  This regional trophy was also a qualifier for the national event later in the season.  The top 5 finishers will move to compete in nationals and represent the northeast:  Yale, URI, BC, Dartmouth and Coast Guard.  Full results here: and the complete photo gallery here:

We wish all the teams the best of luck in the women's national event next week!

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