Newport in the Night

It started out as quite the wet winter.  Other places were seeing snow but it took everyone south of East Greenwich a long time to find it.  We did have some serious fog in early December, and I was heading back over the bridges from Newport when I decided to stop and take a chance for some night photography.  It was one of those heavy mists where it's wetter than a usual fog but not quite raining.  I had to climb across some wet rocks in the dark, as usual, but I came to a vantage point of the bridge I hadn't visited in about a year.  I set up my tripod and was shooting away happily for about 10 minutes before it actually started to rain.  I was already cold and freezing so I didn't want to add wet to the list that night.  I had only taken about 20 frames but decided to pack up my gear anyway. 

However, after reviewing the images on the computer it seemed at least one of those 20 frames paid off!  A container ship was passing through while I was shooting and I'm actually very pleased with these glowing results.  I have named it "Ships Passing in the Night, Panoramic".

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