October Surf in Hull's Cove

I have thousands upon thousands of photos from the past couple years, and inevitably some get left behind.  Folders of personal work take the backburner for other projects, and are soon forgotten.  While I strive to look through all my images and edit the keepers as soon as possible, I don't always succeed.

But when I find free time I go back to these forgotten folders and give them another look.  Recently, I had such free time and went through a couple folders from last fall, including a small collection of surf photos from a beautifully warm day last October when the wind and surf were just right for conditions in Hull's Cove on Jamestown.  I remember this day vividly as one of the truly golden days signaling the end of summer.  The seabreeze was carrying the first chill of autumn but the sun was warm and comforting.  I watched as friends tackled the private surf break in this secluded spot on Conanicut Island.

I edited a few surf shots and a colorful stitched panoramic before this folder of photos was retired to the archives.  It was a great little find while I sat in my office still buried in snow.  I can't wait for warm days like this again!  Come on summer, we're all ready for you!

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