On the way Home

So the cruise was drawing to a close, and I was having a hard time believing a whole week had passed.  We woke up with the sun to leave Block Island, and luckily the fog had lifted for the most part as we made our way up the Bay.  The sun even started poking through as we approached the Jamestown Bridge!  There was a big thunderstorm in the forecast so we were pressed to get home around noon time to beat the storm.

As we were approaching Wickford Harbor, we noticed several boats all heading the opposite direction, and I took a few shots.  Looks like it was Larchmont Yacht Club out of New York on a cruise of their own!

Well, we made it to dock and unloaded the entire boat, made it home, unpacked the whole car, and THEN it started to rain.  We got lucky, and it was a heavy thunderstorm.  I'm sure the WYC members who left Block Island a bit later than us were having a wet sail back. 

Anyway, it was a terrific day on the water and a great way to end an awesome weekend cruising up and down Block Island Sound.

Feel free to check out all of my images from the trip under the Block Island Sound gallery on my website, or just browse through the Photography Catalog.  Images are available as Fine Art Prints, Personal Use Downloads, and Editorial Stock.  A few images are also available as poster versions, so check out all the Posters I have available as well!

How I got these shots:  Nikon D700 and Nikkor 70-200mm VRII

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