Partner Yoga // Jessie & Erica

They say we are more likely to reach our fitness goals when we bring along a friend.  I know personally I'm much more likely to be active when I have someone to join me.  And while yoga is about spirit as much as it is about a healthy active lifestyle, having a friend can help bring your practice to a new level!
While I've been exploring yoga photography, I had the concept of partner yoga.  Not necessarily acroyoga with elevated acrobatic poses of superior strength and balance, but just the concept of yoga with a friend through a combination of assisted and mirrored poses.
Jessie has been my yogi model for several photoshoots now, and she suggested bringing her friend Erica along for this shoot.  We met up at Third Beach in Newport for a sunset session edging towards dusk, and just started to play in the sand!
While we started with a slow warm up and vinyasa, we moved through basic seated poses and bends to create beautiful shapes and space, while attempting some advanced assisted poses by incorporating inversions.
I was so in love with every frame from this shoot!  These ladies oozed power and grace as I just shot away, loving the golden hour glow and dusky blues and pinks before we lost all light.  Two women, two practices, but together they were just stunning.  I hope you love the photos from this shoot as much as I do!  
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