Photographer's FAQ: What is it you do? Pt. 2

October 17, 2013

So continuing from last week's discussion about what I actually do (Read Pt. 1 here), here are two more big questions that I get asked all the time as a photographer.

Can you teach me?

Absolutely!  I pride myself as a private instructor in everything from the camera to the computer.  I can help you with basic camera principles, the technical aspects of shooting, creative vision and effective photographic techniques, plus camera file management and post-processing software like Adobe's Lightroom and Photoshop.

I have taken on students age 14-50+ and can accommodate just about any beginner to intermediate photographer's needs.  Whether it's for your point and shoot, DSLR, or film camera, as a hobbyist, amateur, or semi-professional... we can design a lesson plan specifically for you!  If you're just starting out behind a camera, want to enhance your basic camera skills, or if you have a specific photographic project in mind, I would be happy to help and instruct you in every way I can!

For rates and availability, feel free to email me at

Do you do weddings?

Yes and no.  I have all the capabilities and equipment to do weddings, and I have shot for weddings in the past.  But as a regular use of my photographic skills?  No, I do not do weddings.  

Not every photographer in existence is a wedding and/or portrait photographer.  I, for example, am a marine photographer focusing on coastal and nautical subject matter.  There are food photographers, photojournalists, architecture photographers, underwater, sports, nature, landscape, animals, travel... you name it.  There is an area of photography out there for any and every subject matter in existence.  

We do not all do weddings, and a fair portion of us simply choose not to.  It takes an awful lot of time, energy, commitment and skill to plan months in advance for a shoot that will only occur once, for which you will shoot for 6-12 hours straight (and probably skip a meal or two in the process), hope you got every shot the client wants because there are no reshoots, download and sort through all tens of thousands of images, edit them, print them, post online and perhaps make photobooks from them.  And do that multiple times during the week during the busy season.

However, I do shoot portraits on occasion, but I choose not to do weddings.

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