Photographer's FAQ: What sets you apart?

A crucial question every photographer must be able to answer:

What sets you apart?  What makes you different from all the other photographers or parents with cameras?

As a marine photographer specializing in coastal locations and activities, I take quality and relatable imagery of coastal life, transporting people to the environments from which I draw my inspiration.  My imagery is focused on coastal beauty and is organic and approachable in style.  It is my hope that my photography not only invokes the smell of salt air, the sound of ocean waters and sensations of salt spray, but also an appreciation and respect for our Oceans to which we owe so much.

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." –Jacques Yves Cousteau

Through a thorough understanding of natural light and practiced skills to capture the alluring quality of coastal scenes, every frame I take, whether it is a seascape that took an hour to get right or an image of a young sailor out on the water, is a well composed and conceived image.  I take these images for the coastal community, whether they are Rhode Island natives who grew up living by and loving the water or young sailing families who enjoy the summer sailing pastime.

And while others might have cameras and spend time at the beach, I carefully plan many of my seascapes to maximize the scenic beauty of a location.  I look at sunrise and sunset times, tide charts and astrological calendars to capture the most beautiful image a location has to offer.  While others may  bring their camera with them and hope to snap a few good shots, I set aside time to visit these coastal locations.

On the water, parents and mom-boats can snap a few shots at from land or dock but I have access on the water that others do not.  At regattas, I can get into a race course while other boats are required to anchor on the sidelines.  I have practiced taking action shots out on the water to maximize my opportunity of shooting from moving boats.  And I pursue every shooting opportunity because I know I can provide you with the images you weren't able to capture yourself!

Take a look at these side by side comparisons and see the value in professional photography.  Decide for yourself if Cate Brown Photography is an option for you!

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