Qeba #2: Cloudy Dusk

So I loved shooting at Qeba so much (Quonnies East Beach in Charlestown) that I returned for a second day in a row to catch another sunset!  Everything was just perfect, once again.  A beautiful blue sky with clouds overhead that I could expect to be underlit as the sun sank.  A clear horizon to allow light for the setting sun!  Somewhat calm waters that wouldn't threaten my life, and wonderfully exposed rocks to focus on.  

I moved away from the large boulder that was the center of my photography the previous day and worked on some of the smaller rocks nearby.  I had several compositions (all can be seen at www.catebrownphoto.com) but these three are some of my favorite, with the second shot being one of my absolutely favorites from this year so far!  

Although the clouds didn't quite light up as brilliant and pink as I was hoping, it was still a beautiful evening and a terrifically successful shoot!  Hope everyone else is in as much love with these shots as I am!

See all the Qeba images together at www.catebrownphoto.com.

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