Quiet Morning at the Cove

While we still had the nice sticky snow setting the scene, I woke up early one morning to attempt a sunrise shoot instead of my usual sunsets.  I was driving along trying to think of the best location for the light and decided to go back to Wickford Cove where I had attempted another morning shoot a couple months ago.  The road wasn't plowed very well and I had to park down the street and walk a bit, but it was worth it for the quiet and solitude, and of course the morning light.

This was the result, and luckily I didn't freeze to death like last time either!  The sun lit up the trees as it rose but I still was unable to capture the scene as I wanted.  I guess I'll just have to try again some other time but meanwhile I hope you still enjoy this snowy scene from a brackish Wickford Cove!

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