Ringing in the New Year with Surf

It's been a few weeks, I apologize!  The holidays came and went quite quickly for us here.  I don't know if it ever quite felt like Christmas, or even December.  Our days are still hovering around 40-50 degrees with sun and not a single hint of snow!  We were lucky enough to get flurries Christmas morning but it's hardly what I would call a white Christmas.  There was another huge swell this week, reminiscent of the surf during the last few days of November.  Another gorgeous day with little breeze and a bright warm sun, making it feel like 60 out if you sat still enough and faced south towards that ball of fire.  I went out to take some pictures down at Monahan's Dock, the sea wall in Narragansett, and then to Newport's First and Second Beaches.  No one on the island was out surfing, and with good reason too.  The beaches were all white wash and chop.  But there was an awful lot of traffic in the Monahan's swells.  Captured a few nice shots of the winter surfers and waves.  I certainly had a great time watching everyone and hope to get out again around New Year's for some more surf.  Enjoy!

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