Rome Point Revisited

I haven't been to Rome Point in quite a while.  I actually think my last photographic visit was several years ago when I went shooting for my Large Format Photography class.

This was one of the first really nice warm days of spring and I was so happy to get outside and enjoy the sun and warm air!  I managed to finish up all my other tasks for the day and pack up my camera bag about an hour and a half before sunset.  I strolled down the trail to the beach and walked along until  I found something inspiring.  I came to a cluster of rocks at the southern end of the beach and decided to shoot these in the nice golden light and calm waters.  

It was my first shoot with my new D600 camera!  The low 100 ISO made for some nice long exposures while it was still light out, but I didn't have the proper cable release yet!  Apparently it has a different release connection than my D700, so I had to use the timer instead.  With a 2 second delay the camera worked just fine without a cable or wireless release.  So if any of you who, like me, will occasionally forget that crucial piece of equipment, know that there's always a way to get the shot and not let that photowalk go to waste.

Of course, as soon as the sun started to go down the wind kicked up and the temperature dropped drastically so I didn't end up staying the full hour and a half for sunset, but I'm still very happy with the images I got!  A nice beach walk never hurt anyone!

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