I am a traditionally trained photographer, having spent my first years with film cameras and hidden away in darkrooms developing prints.  I truly adore and admire the analog processes that may be slipping away from us, and the black and white medium.  But every now and again color remains too distracting and a black and white counterpart comes up lacking.  I have never done sepia printing, but I was curious to use sepia tones on some of my digital images of more classic vessels.  Below you'll find some of my first explorations into sepia, the first being one of my favorite images, "King Haakon" which I have developed and printed in black and white.

The intentions for using sepia where to inject these images with a sense of antiquity, grace, and perhaps a little more character than a black and white would allow.  I was selective about the images I used, selecting classic boats with wooden hulls or canvas sails, looking for some contrast I could boost and enhance slightly.  I have to say I'm very pleased with these few results!  

You can see more sepia images on my website under the Limited Editions.  I even made separate Black & White and Sepia galleries to make browsing easier!  All are available as fine art prints and I plan on exploring sepia toning further, so check back in the gallery for new sepia editions!

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