Snowy Sunset

Rhode Island was treated to something very special the first week of February.  As our winter moved from sunny and 50 to snowy and properly chilly in a matter of days, we started getting snow after snow after snow.  Our second good snowfall happened just in time for sunset on a Friday afternoon.  

I was in the middle of cleaning off my car when I noticed the end of the cloud line and the setting sun.  I saw it coming and waited patiently... until I had just a few minutes to run inside and grab my camera.  As the clouds started moving away to the east the sank lower in the west, there was only a 15 minute window when everything aligned just right.  The freshly dusted trees began to light up in a wintery light show like no other!   Then the clouds chimed in with bright pinks and oranges.  I ran around the yard for all of those 15 minutes before having to get in the car and drive away.  

The next two days the internet exploded with sunny sunset shots.  I'm glad so many people were able to witness this beautiful winter display!

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