Spring Flowers

April Showers bring May Flowers never held so true!  Well, some of these flowers arrived in April, but there were certainly plenty of rains and plenty of flowers.  Light rains, heavy rains, misting rains... and blooms to follow.

I have visited the gorgeous old magnolia tree on West Main Street in Wickford every spring the past few years.  This time around, it was after a morning rain and there were still water droplets covering the flora.  They say some of the best times to photograph flowers is just after a rain.  The sky was cloudy making the sunlight beautifully soft and diffused.  I had my 50mm lens on and with the cloudy conditions I could shoot at ISO 100 and  f1.8 and f2.8 without a hitch!  

But before calling it a day for this short photowalk, I visited the weeping cherry tree at Updike Park across from the Town Hall.  I had never photographed this tree before but I love cherry trees as much as magnolias.

It was a brief photowalk and I loved every second of it!  I even made a new "Nature & Wildlife" Catalog Category on my website to take care of all the flower pictures I have accumulated over the years.  Now we just have to wait for the Lotuses on Boston Neck Road to bloom in June / July.

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