Subway Tiles & Granite Islands // New Kitchen Shoot

February.  It was about time for me to find something to shoot.  The weather wasn't quite nice enough to go to the beach for seascapes, the surf was down, and I remembered this time last year I was photographing interiors.  With a short list of a few friends who were all having their kitchens remodeled,  I decide to place a few calls (and emails) to find some available time.  And what do you know, there was a Sunday afternoon available to shoot Jen's gorgeous new kitchen complete with white subway tiles and dark granite countertops!

This remodeling project took some time to complete as it involved blowing out a wall, refinishing the beautiful hardwoods, and doubling her kitchen space, but it was well worth it.  The south facing house allowed for sunlight to pour in and light up the place.  The kitchen now opened up to the seating area and dining table with new breath and life.  This would certainly be a great new space for entertaining!

The space proved to be a bit difficult to photograph because it was simply so expansive.  The island was huge and certainly the focal point of the remodel but islands can often photograph like a big boring box.  I was keen to avoid that, and while it took me a few tries and a couple of different angles I came away with three kitchen shots that I thought were certainly worth the trip.  A couple of details on the counter and vignettes of the nearby seating area and I called it a day!

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