Unexpected stop: Lake Tashmoo

While the rest of Wickford Yacht Club soaked up Cuttyhunk harbor and set sail for Vineyard Haven, we decided to make a slightly early departure for Martha's Vineyard and stop in at Lake Tashmoo.  Located right before the turn into West Chop at Vineyard Haven, this lake was well hidden along the Vineyard coastline.  

We took our time through the calm seas and motored most of the morning due to light air, but we were able to sail the last hour or so.  We arrived at about noon time and the lake was filled to the brim with weekend boaters.  Mostly sport boats, everyone was whooping and shouting, grilling and swimming.  

We had heard this was a beautiful secluded location so this initial introduction to Lake Tashmoo was a little confusing and rather overwhelming.  There was barely room to anchor but we jockeyed for a good spot in the front half of the lake.  Once lunch was over and 2 o'clock rolled around, the lake started to clear out almost immediately.  The weekenders were gone and just a few remained for the rest of the afternoon.  Come dinner time, it was nearly empty where we were, with just a couple WYC cruisers nearby.

Photos below were during our morning cruise.  I took out the Lensbaby and played around a bit, taking shots of the water and the surroundings.  More at www.catebrownphoto.com!

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