Vineyard Squall

While staying at Lake Tashmoo, we were getting ready to cook dinner when dark clouds appeared on the horizon.  We watched the storm develop before our eyes as a squall line developed off the coast of New Bedford and made it's way directly towards us.  

It wasn't too long before the day turned to night.  You just get the feeling you're witnessing the awesome power of nature, and suddenly you feel rather powerless in its wake.  I grabbed may camera and started snapping away as the clouds developed, which I later stitched together into panoramics to capture the different stages of the storm.  The clouds formed this lip and a dense rainfall could be seen just to the northwest of our location.  

We didn't get much rain, but the wind whipped up from almost nothing to 20+ knots in the blink of an eye.  One boat nearby recorded a gust near 50 knots!  There wasn't much lightning but as the storm dissipated and moved past us a rainbow appeared.  And not only that, but the sky lit up just 20 minutes later as the sun set and the clouds turned pink.  It was quite the storm to witness and I'm glad I had my camera handy!

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