Waves of Silver

A while back I had photographed some waves and converted the images to black and white.  While I come from a black and white film background, I rarely shoot black and white or film these days.  I found myself at the beach in the middle of January.  The sun was out, it was over 50 degrees, and the waves were there, churning that cold salty ocean water as they approached the beach.  I shifted my focus to these beautifully backlit waves and later, while editing, decided to give the black and white another try.  The color just wasn't capturing the sheer power I experienced while watching the water that day, but as soon as I covered to monochrome the effect was immediate!  It was a good decision and while I hope to not overuse the effect, I'd like to share some of my most recent successes here.

And while the lighting was very different on this day, I think the black and white still works.  These images help capture more of the emotive quality of these active winter waters.  It's not about being big and blue, but intense and awe inspiring.

And here are some of my original silver waves images back in 2011.  I'll continue to refine the technique and especially the editing to help create a cohesive aesthetic.

Prints available and more to see at www.catebrownphoto.com

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