Wickford Doors in the Snow

Most people dread snow.  Snow means cold weather, shoveling, sloppy roads, and salt stains on your boots.  But I've been waiting for it!  The couple of snows we've had this winter have been fluffy and coupled with heavy winds.  These storms produced wind blistered faces and tall snow drifts, not the gentle sticky stuff that makes the world beautifully quiet and picturesque.  But this time, just as we turned from January to February, I was in luck.  We had a wet snowfall and it stuck to everything!  Not only that, but it came with little to no wind so you could take a stroll outside and not be worried about subzero temperatures.  So at the first opportunity I took my camera for a walk in the backyard with my Lensbaby Spark and then I switched to my 50mm lens for a walk through Wickford.

I'd been meaning to do Wickford Doors for a while, a popular motif in this part of town, and with no cars on the road and beautiful winter weather I took my time walking Main Street to photograph these historic entryways.  I think the coral colored house with the rustic door is my favorite!  Plenty more at www.catebrownphoto.com under Coastal Life.

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