Wickford Harbor

We all take things for granted, and photographically I never seem to go walking through my hometown and Wickford Village.  So a couple of times this spring I got out there, just to shoot Wickford.  There wasn't a big plan or much time involved, but it was a start!  The first frame was on the way home from a regatta.  The clouds were rolling in and as I watched it all develop I got off the highway one exit earlier than I planned just so I could get to the closest beach and shoot sunset.  I was just minutes late to get the best color but it was still a terrific shot!  The panoramic was taken in mid May under much warmer conditions.  I had some time to myself and took a shot of the channel and Wickford skyline, complete with the steeple from Narragansett Church.  I will most likely to continue to expand on my local photography, especially as boats begin to fill the harbor for the summer season, but here were two seascapes I was glad I put the time into!

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