Wickford Snow, again

Well hopefully that was the last of it.  Let's cross our fingers and hope Old Man Winter will finally have some mercy!  But at least this last snowfall was the sticky picturesque winter wonderland kind that fell softly and beautifully throughout the day.  No biting breeze or extreme subzero temperatures, just a soft white snowfall to welcome March.  

I took an hour long walk through sleepy snowy Wickford, enjoying the empty streets and frosted houses.  A walk along the dock at the End O Main put this winter into chilly perspective, as ice still covered most of the harbor and fishermen dug out their frozen boats.  

As beautiful as this snowfall was, I'm still looking forward warmer weather and for winter to finally come to an end.  Maybe the harbor will get a chance to thaw and we can get spring started...  Forget spring, I can't wait for summer!

See all the snowy shots from this year and last in the Winter Gallery from my Photography Catalog.

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