Yoga Tune Up with Jessie

Remember when I mentioned I had a new favorite yoga class?  Well, this is Jessie demonstrating the wonderful Yoga Tune Up method for targeted deep tissue massage and therapy.  It's not as much yoga as it is self-massage.  These therapy balls come in different densities and sizes, and when used to target stress and trigger points, they can do wonders for tension in the body.  Jessie teaches at Laughing Elephant Yoga and I can't recommend Yoga Tune Up enough!

This photo shoot went from my usual outdoor setting to an indoor natural light studio.  The therapy balls were difficult to photograph since they are not always clearly visible.  But with some time and patience, we found some poses that either created beautiful lines or displayed the balls clearly.  It was a short session but a lot of fun, and once again, Jessie was amazing to work with!  Look relaxing?  Try it out!

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