Yoga with Karuna

Thanksgiving is approaching.  Later this week I'll be gathered around a table with friends and family, discussing what's new for each of us, what we're thankful for, eating turkey, and I'll be trying to remain optimistic after my morale took a beating from the presidential election.

But before we harken the cold upcoming months, I wanted to share a few autumn yoga pictures from another outdoor yoga shoot, this time with the wonderful Karuna.  This wonder woman has been traveling the world for 20 years teaching yoga in far flung places from Mexico, to Greece, and upcoming in Morocco.  She was a wonderfully warm and inviting spirit, and I automatically felt like her friend.

With the last minute explosion of fall foliage colors after Halloween, Karuna and I trekked into Ryan Park in North Kingstown.  I had previously found a beautiful low hanging birch tree creating an enveloping cave of golden foliage warmth.  It was truly a woodland fairy experience, and Karuna was wonderful to work with :)

The sun has been setting even earlier with daylight savings time, so we were wrapped up by 4:30pm, but Karuna's energy and warmth left a lasting impression.  This was an outdoor excursion I can certainly be thankful for, and forging new relationships with like-minded people certainly makes me feel like not all is lost in this world.

See all the shots in the Yoga Gallery in the Image Library

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