Yoga with Shannon

I don't want to use photography as just a means of income.  I want photography to be inspiring, stimulating, and engaging for myself, those I work with, and those who view it.  Part of going to Summit Adventure in Jackson Hole this September was to learn how to incorporate the other  elements of my life into my work.  I have the sailing community but there's more to my life (and hopefully my work) than just nautical imagery.  There's more I enjoy and more I want to photograph!
Yoga is one of those activities I've been engaged in for several years.  It's been a means of personal and spiritual growth, health and wellness, activity and fitness, and building relationships with friends both new and old.  It's something I enjoy doing and sharing, and I wonder what took me so long to start photographing it!
After one shoot with a friend last year, and one more this past May,  I finally kicked into high gear.  I started contacting yogis in the area, some I knew and some who were complete strangers, in the hope of just getting out there and playing with outdoor yoga photography.  
Shannon was one of the first to respond to my request.  She is a local yoga teacher who helped me rediscover what I loved about yoga after a couple years on hiatus.  Shannon is the founder of Mahatma Yoga in Portsmouth, RI, and under her guidance I found a side of my yoga-self I didn't even know I had!  Her classes are often freeing and full of life, and contain the perfect balance of flow, spirit, and challenge that I needed in my practice.
We took a walk to Norman Bird Sanctuary on what was supposed to be a sunny, not so breezy, semi-warm autumn day.  It turned out to be VERY windy and rather cold!  The sun was our only savior as we first played on Hanging Rock, but as we moved into the woods the trees protected us from the wind.  We found golden ferns to play with, and the greenway felt like a magical tunnel of forest greens.
A big thank you to Shannon for her wonderful yogi modeling!  See all the shots in the Yoga Gallery


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