A View from Jamestown

I've been a slacker lately, getting distracted and not doing the one thing a photographer is supposed to do:  take photographs.  So one afternoon after some rain moved out, the sun was peaking out from beneath the cloud cover and suddenly a sunset shoot looked like a promising venture!  I've explored lots of coastline in South County, but I hadn't been exploring much of the Jamestown coastline next door.  There have been a few places on my to-shoot list:  East Ferry, Ft. Weatherhill cliffs, Dutch Harbor... But with the clouds towards the west I thought a western facing shot would probably pan out best for dramatic color.  

I was half right.  I did experience some wonderful color but there was also substantial cloud cover behind me on the western side of the island moving so slowly that it was still hanging around for sunset and lit up like a fireball as the sun dropped.  So, I got half the color the sky experienced that afternoon but it wasn't a total loss.  I was at the beach just near East Ferry and I captured a view looking east towards Newport.  I took several frames, but I think the panoramic is my favorite!

More at www.catebrownphoto.com and Fine Art Prints available. 

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