Commissioning Day, Summer Is Here

So down at the family yacht club there is an event held every year around late May to signal the start of season.  It's when everyone gets together, the new Commodore says a few words, the flags are raised, and summer is officially welcomed!  (There used to be a canon blast too, to conclude the ceremonies, but due to some incidents and recent burns that part of the agenda was replaced by a paper printout simply with the word "BANG" written across it)  Then everyone climbs aboard a members' boat, with rigging and railings donned with flags, for the boat parade throughout Wickford Harbor.  We've been lucky for as long as I can remember with sunny days and no rain.  There have been clouds the past two years but they've faded away by the time the boat parade started.  Drinks, smiles, family and friends, and lots of horn blowing to let all of Wickford Village know that the WYC has started its yachting season.  Here are some shots while I was aboard my parent's boat and we took a little harbor cruise with a full parade of decorated boats in tow!

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