Cruise to Cuttyhunk

Every year the Wickford Yacht Club takes their annual cruise.  All the members get together and travel as a group by boat to various locations around Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.  Last year we went along Block Island Sound towards Connecticut but this year it was east through the Elizabeth Island and New Bedford.

First stop was Cuttyhunk!  I hadn't been there in quite some time but it was a beautiful harbor, plus crisp refreshing clean waters.  We were so lucky the rain had come through the previous days so our few nights in the harbor were wonderfully clear and full of summer light.

I took a stroll on land and came across some rock stacking that had been left behind.  And that night there was a beautiful sunset that lit up the entire harbor!  I took some shots for a stitched together panoramic, probably my new favorite image in a while.  As the sun sank lower I took out the tripod for some cool long exposures from the bow, to give the shots a little bit of gentle motion and energy.

All photos can be found on my website under Elizabeth Islands!  More about our stops at Lake Tashmoo and Martha's Vineyard on the way.

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