Fireworks for the Fourth

We have been beyond lucky with gorgeous Fourth of July's for as long as I can remember.  Clear skies, warm weather, cool breeze... there's nothing else quite like it!  And this year was no exception.  For North Kingstown, fireworks just about always happen on the evening of the 4th.  None of this day before or weekend after, we celebrate day of!  

Wickford Harbor empties of boats and everyone swarms offshore of the town beach.  Boats moor, anchor and raft.  Music is blaring, people are swimming, and you can see backyard fireworks all around from Shore Acres to downtown Wickford and off of Cold Spring.  

We settled on a mooring and waited for the sky to darken and the fireworks to fly!  It was a 20 minute show this year (with a few mumblings about the sequester cutting off firework funds) but I was so glad I brought my camera and tripod for some long exposure firework shots.  Of course I had to don safety glasses as the ash drifted downwind onto our boat, but it was a front row seat to a spectacular view.  Happy Birthday America!  

See a few more shots over at (Prints and Custom Orders available!)

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