First Visits to Junior Sailing

Juniors are the next generation of sailors.  I think this is an easily forgotten fact when noisy kids are running through your quiet yacht club, sails aren't rolled properly, or youngsters start throwing fits over capsizing. But it's our job to teach them how to roll those sails and that capsizing isn't the end of the world. They will soon be the shepherds of sailing's future and we are here to instruct and encourage them to enjoy the sport we all love so much.

This is why I enjoy shooting the junior sailors more than just about anything else, because they have such an untarnished love for the sport, but it can only grow if fostered correctly.  Smiles and excitement all around!  I usually return to my alma mater sailing program in the summer to shoot the juniors, and I'm always so glad I do!  My first visits were for the Intermediate class, Intro to 420s and Beginners.  And there was no lack of enthusiasm in sight.

More photos are up on my website and are available for Personal Purchase by sailors and their families.  Check them all out here.  And of course I've included some of my favorites below.  Enjoy!

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