French Country in a Coastal Home

Wickford might not be the first place you think of for a home decorated in a French country style.  So many of the houses are filled with nautical or antique items, nodding to the history of the town.  But on a recent shoot to a family friend's home for some interiors, I found just that; the casual elegance of the French country in a welcoming coastal home.

The living room featured wonderfully coordinated yet mismatched decor in soft comforting earth tones with nature inspired accents.  Hues of beige, sand, ecru and ivory were emphasized by traces of blue, teal and soft pink.  An assortment of fabrics from linen to muslin to suede added natural texture to chairs, pillows and curtains.  Live plants plus filigree and floral patterns brought the living room together into a bright rustic space with garden-inspired undertones.  

Hardwood floors throughout the house, except for the wonderful cork floor in the kitchen, carried the refined earthen theme seamlessly from room to room.  Mirrors were effortlessly utilized to add space, and built in hutches provided beautiful yet utilitarian accents in the kitchen and dining rooms.

It all seemed so simple, but the subtle elegance lifted the space from a plain room to an inviting home.  Each piece was expertly collected and carefully arranged, bringing the slight sophistication of the French countryside to humble Wickford, Rhode Island.  

Finding subject matter to shoot in the middle of winter can be a challenge, but with homes like these I can happily keep myself preoccupied until the snow melts and summer has arrived!

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