From the Archives: Spanish Coast

I have all of these pictures from 2009 that I don't think I ever properly gone through.  Gigs and gigs of photos from a trip to Spain with my photography class just after my sophomore year at Fitchburg State.  It was a 3 week trip that essentially transplanted our photography class from Masschusetts to Barcelona.  The same classmates, the same professor, the same cameras, and some of even the same assignments, just taking place with a Spanish backdrop and even in a Spanish school room for those days we needed a projector.  Our well traveled professor, the dignified and very tall Peter Laytin, made sure we experienced as much of this trip to the Spanish coastline as we could.  He was rather surprised when we finished our photography assignments instead of hitting the Spanish club scene.  Yes, we did experience the Barcelona night life on a couple of occasions before the trip was over, and I can say it was very memorable and I highly recommend Barcelona for anyone planning their next vacation!

I started to plug away and go through all of those files in my hard drive that had been neglected by years of schoolwork, summer jobs, and now local photography.  And I managed to pull out these two great shots that I have since edited and added to my Photography Catalog.  The first is from a day trip to Cadaqués, one of the last little towns on the Spanish coast before you get to France.  Two and a halfish hours east of Barcelona, notable artists like Dali, Picasso and Duchamp called this gem of a town "home" at some point in their lives.  Full of white buildings and quiet streets, I loved every minute here!
How I got these shots:  Nikon D80, 24-135mm

This second image delved from the depths of my photography archive was taken during another memorable day trip, this time to the city of Sitges.  Unlike Cadaqués, Sitges is to the West of Barcelona along the Spanish coast, but still part of Catalonia.  From what I'm told, it's the Provincetown of Spain, and I know I found it to be full of life and flair.  Bright, sunny, and very bustling along the beaches, I treated myself to a delicious ice cream crepe in the early afternoon.  The creperia used ice cream from the shop next door, a cute little relationship giving a new definition to locally sourced ingredients.  With old stone streets and buildings, you could walk the entire length of the city pretty much just along the water, either on cliff walk or boardwalk.  There was a very long stretch of beach and at one point I came across a group of people taking to the water for windsurfing!  I came across this image with a new found fascination due to my recent work photographing surfers, windsurfers, and kite surfers throughout southern Rhode Island.  Again, I loved every minute here, and if I'm ever in Spain again I'll be sure to make it here, and next time I'll bring a bathing suit.

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